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Have a Helping Hand in Your Child’s Eye Development

Your child has so many new experiences early in life. From the second they are born, they are continually taking in new signals and information, figuring out what to make of everything they hear, touch, and see.

When your baby is born, they have very few capabilities in terms of their vision. For the first three to four months, their visual skill develops, allowing them to see from a few centimetres in front of them to a few feet away. As they grow, their abilities expand to include depth perception and colour, as well as improvements in their hand-eye coordination.

At the same time, the chances of developing vision problems can arise as children grow. To better help your child, we recommend bringing them in for an eye exam, so that you can keep an eye on their developing vision. The more you know, the better prepared you are to tackle any hurdles that might arise with their visual development.

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When to Book an Exam

For the first few months of your baby’s life, they are slowly developing their visual skills. However, you can’t take for granted that their eyes are always going to develop as expected. This is why the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recommends bringing your child in for their first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 9 months of age.

This initial eye exam can help detect issues like amblyopia and strabismus, allowing your child’s optometrist to prepare a management plan.

Following their first exam, a couple of years may pass before their next appointment while your child’s eyes develop further, provided that your optometrist deems it’s healthy to do so.

This passage of time allows your child to develop their visual skills and lets them start using their eyes for things like playing and navigation. Between the ages of 2 to 5 years old, the CAO recommends bringing your child in for their second eye exam.

After starting school, your child should be attending eye exams every year.

The Eye Exam Process for Your Child

The eye exam process for your child is not unlike our process for adult and senior patients. Our optometrists provide a comfortable eye exam experience for everyone, especially our youngest patients.

At the beginning of the exam, we will chat with you about the health of your child and your family’s health history. We would love for you to ask any questions you might have or state any concerns regarding the health of your child’s eyes. The more information you can provide to us, the better prepared we will be to tackle any issues that may concern you or arise.

Following this conversation, we will move right into the rest of the exam. The exam will include comprehensive tests of your child’s acuity, eye coordination, and prescription. In addition, we will thoroughly check the health of your child’s eyes, through a series of tests designed to detect signs of eye diseases. By recognizing the early warning signs of diseases, we will be better prepared to help manage and mitigate their development.

If your child would benefit from vision correction, then we will move on to the most fun part of the exam: choosing their glasses! We have a vast selection of fabulous looking eyewear that your child can pick from, and our team of opticians are happy to help find the best fit, distinctly for them.

Our opticians will also provide a little educational seminar to teach your child how to take care of their glasses.

If contact lenses are an option for your child, our opticians will teach your child how to take care of, insert, and extract their lenses.

Eye Conditions That Could Affect Your Child

Children are just as susceptible to developing eye diseases and issues as adults, but the conditions are generally different. The problem with developing eye conditions early in life, is that they can lead to low vision or blindness far sooner. By having your child’s eyes examined, you can help manage the rate at which these conditions develop, and possibly even help preserve their vision.

Some of the most common eye conditions children can develop include:

  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus
  • Myopia
  • Colour blindness

If these are left to progress without intervention from an eye care professional, they could lead to possible harm to your child’s vision and/or development.

Myopia and Your Child

Myopia is one of the most common and most treated refractive errors found around the globe. Recent studies have estimated that up to 30% of Canadian children have myopia to varying degrees. The problem with myopia, particularly in young children, is that they might not be able to express that their distance vision is blurry.

To help mitigate the symptoms and progression of myopia, your optometrist can recommend the use of MiSight 1 Day contact lenses. These contacts help slow the progression of myopia in your child. For more information about MiSight 1 Day contact lenses, please visit our Contact Lens Exams, Fittings, & Brands page.

How to Spot Problems with Your Child’s Eyes

There are a few ways to tell if your child is having a problem with their eyes. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms occurring more and more often, please visit an optometrist for help:

  • They are experiencing headaches.
  • They lose their place while reading.
  • They use their finger to help them keep their place while reading.
  • They cover up one of their eyes to help them see.
  • They tilt or position their head awkwardly to help them see.
  • They continuously sit close to the television or hold their books very close.

You Can Help Your Child With an Eye Exam

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