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Healthy eyes and clear vision are crucial to maintaining your quality of life. However, we can’t escape the simple fact that as we get older, so do our eyes. This can lead to a variety of different eye health problems, which, given the opportunity, will steal your sight away without warning.

By utilizing the latest in eye care technology, your optometrist can catch the early warning signs of eye diseases and set you on the right path to managing them properly.

The threat of eye diseases only increases as you grow older, so don’t delay; please request an eye exam with us today!

Meaningful Eye Health Protection

Almost everyone can develop some form of eye disease at some point in their life, but the risk increases the older you get. Many eye diseases progress without showing any signs or symptoms until your vision is permanently impaired.

To protect yourself from being caught off guard by an eye disease, the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recommends having an eye exam once every 2 years. These appointments can detect early signs of AMD, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy before they harm your vision.

Most optometrists recommend having an exam every year to better predict and manage the development of eye diseases and conditions.

The Eye Exam: Step By Step

At the beginning of your eye examination, your optometrist will go over your and your family’s health history, to determine your risk of developing eye diseases. Please let your optometrist know of any questions or concerns you might have.

After this initial little chat, it is time for the rest of the eye exam!

Your optometrist will test your visual acuity and your prescription, as well as the overall health of your eyes. After this, your optometrist may prescribe glasses, contact lenses, or eye drops to best serve your needs.

Finally, the fun part of the exam: picking out your new frames! Glasses are a fantastic way to show off your unique personality, and we love being a part of the decision process with you. Our opticians will guide you through our massive selection of frames and lenses, bursting with designer brand, to help find the pair of glasses that fit you perfectly.

If contact lenses suit your needs, our opticians will teach you proper lens care, as well as the best ways to insert and remove your contact lenses from your eyes.

Request Your Exam Today!

There is no reason to delay. An eye exam better prepares you for any eye health problems you may be at risk of developing. On top of that, you get to spend some quality time with our incredible team, dedicated to bringing you top-notch service!

Request an appointment today!

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